Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the lead time?
Ans. The lead time is generally 6 to 8 Weeks.

Q2. Do you work with Pantone shade card?
Ans. Yes, we have a Pantone shade card to work with.

Q3. Do you customize size and colors?
Ans. Yes, we do. Size and colors are customized according to the needs and instructions of the client.

Q4. Do you welcome new concepts for development?
Ans. Yes, definitely. New concepts are always welcomed in Somendra as it helps us to grow and learn more.

Q5. What is your minimum order quantity?
Ans. The minimum order quantity depends upon the item and varies from 100 pieces to 2000 pieces per item.

Q6. What are your payment terms?
Ans. Part of the payment is generally done in advance and the remaining balance when goods are ready for dispatch or else letter of credit at sight and irrevocable.

Q7. What is the minimum order value?
Ans. The minimum order value is 10000 USD. If the order value is less than 10000 USD, an extra amount for clearance and handling is charged.

Q8. Are all prices quoted FOB and for which port?
Ans. It completely depends upon the quotation and requirement of the buyer. Our main priority is your comfort and choice.

Q9. How much time does it take for goods to reach the port and get clearance?
Ans. It generally takes 7 to 8 days for the goods to reach the port and get clearance.

Q10. Do you work with different types of fabrics? If yes, what all type you do?
Ans. Yes, we do different types of fabrics like cotton sheeting, canvas, various handloom fabrics, handloom rugs, rug fabric and much more.

Q11. Are your quilts washable in a washing machine?
Ans. Yes, they are washable in machine.

Q12. What all fillings do you use in quilts?
Ans. The fillings depend upon the buyer’s requirement. We fill poly fiber, layered cotton, loose cotton etc.

Q13. I want to create my own label. Is it possible for you?
Ans. Yes, it indeed is possible to develop your own design, create your own label and even get your specialized package done as per your requirement.

Q14. I am new in this trade, can you suggest the sizes as per my country requirement?
Ans. There are several different sizes and even in a single country people are doing different sizes. However, we have created a separate page having all the details of sizes that we have done in the past. You can visit the page. However, we still feel that you should do local research at your area and tell us the sizes that you want to do.

Q15. Do you have metal detectors to check the metal content in the pcs?
Ans. Yes, we do have metal detectors to check the metal content.

Q16. Do you develop samples as per requirement before placing an order?
Ans. Yes, we do, but the sampling cost is different from production cost.

Q17. What if some of the stuff is not working in my country? Do you accept returns?
Ans. All the goods are manufactured as per the demand and approval from the buyer. Therefore, we do not accept returns.

Q18. What if I want to get my stuff checked before getting them dispatched?
Ans. We have a very strong check system to ensure that the stuff produced is as per the buyer’s requirements. Still, if the buyer wants their stuff to be checked before dispatch they can hire a third party inspection. The 3rd party cost is paid separately by the buyer and it is not included in our cost.

Q19. Do you have an agency for customs clearance and air patch?
Ans. Yes, we have a professional agency working for customs clearance and dispatch of goods. In case the buyer wants to migrate their agent and wants them to be involved, our agency can coordinate with the buyer’s agent and do the needful.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us. 

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